About Zestapeep

All of us decide to be fit and eat healthy every now and then. But we always give up on our health goals. Not because, we don't need to become healthier anymore, but because we we lack a systematic approach. 

To ensure that you achieve your health goals, at Zestapeep, we are taking a structured approach towards the problem. We are building a platform which enables trainers to connect with users who seek to get fit and healthy online. Users can join online fitness programs of their choice be it - diet, yoga, pilates, zumba and/or meditation. You can choose sign up with any experts of your choice to achieve your health goals. 

So, we invite you to be part of our community and achieve your health goals. Reach out to us through on Instagram handle @Zestapeep. 

Meet The Team

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Ajit Pawar

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Ajit is founder CEO of Zestapeep. After building robots in his previous entrepreneurial venture, he is now building healthy lives at Zestapeep.


Reshma Kamble

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Reshma is Design Lead at Zestapeep. 

An artist at heart, she drives design at Zestapeep. She also passionate about Yoga.

Meet Our Advisors

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Aradhana Sinha

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Aradhana is our partner for the longest time. She is a significant pillar of Zestapeep's story. A diet and yoga expert, she is loved by all her trainees.

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Inakshi Vacher

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Associated with Zestapeep since 2020, Inakshi has contributed to our progress significantly. She is a certified pilates trainer from Australia. We are proud to on-board her as our advisor.