Pre-Natal Yoga

What is Pre-natal Yoga?

Prenatal yoga is about helping you prepare for childbirth by relaxing the body and focusing on safe techniques and poses in all stages of pregnancy.


Why Pre-natal Yoga?

  • Relives Stress.

  • Reduces swelling of legs.

  • Better blood circulation.

  • Prepares abdomen for delivery.

  • Increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth.


Introducing Pre-natal Yoga by Zestapeep

  • Launched in Feb 2021.

  • 100+ customers a month.

  • 10+ deliveries.

  • Live interaction sessions.

  • Individual attention by trainer.

  • Bi-monthly feedback.

How is it done?
Details of the session

  • 10min - Payer and Warm up.

  • 35min - Asana Practice.

  • 10min - Meditation / Pranayama

  • 5min - Yog Nidra / Shavasana

  • Different Asanas as per the month of the pregnancy


Details of the Trainer

  • Arti is professionally certified Level 2 Yoga Teacher have an experience of teaching atleast 100+ students online and offline. Since January 2021, 10+ Prenatal Yoga Students had normal delivery and healthy baby.

  • She is Level 2 QCI certified Yoga Professional from India Yoga Association (IYA)".

Women Stretching

Some Snapshots of Prenatal Yoga

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What is pre-natal Yoga?

Pre-natal yoga is a form of yoga done during the pregnancy. 

Why pre-natal Yoga?

  • Relives stress

  • Reduces swelling of legs

  • Better Blood Circulation

  • Stages of Growth of Fetus and corresponding Yoga

  • Prepares Abdomen for delivery

Introducing Pre-natal Yoga by Zestapeep

  • Launched in Feb 2021

  • 100+ Customer Months

  • 10+ Deliveries

  • Live Interactive Sessions

  • Individual Attention by Trainer

  • Bi-monthly Feedback

How is it done? - Details of the sessions

  • Flow of the session

  • Various Asanas Done

  • Flow of sessions for every day of week

  • Different asanas as per month of pregnancy

By Whom - Details of the Trainer


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