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Diet Plan for Weight loss

by Shachi Bhat

For Weight loss 

Every Individual is different. And so approach to healthy lifestyle also differs for everyone.

If dieting suits you the most, look no further for best diet plan to achieve your health goals. 

Individually curated weekly based on your bodies response.
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Rs. 1999/- Per Month

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How it works?💁

1. Signup for diet plan by visiting Zestapeep website.

2. Shachi will consult with you for all your details such as age, weight, existing medical conditions.

3. Healthy Indian recipes will be assigned to you.

4. You have to eat the recipes as recommended by Shachi and share the photos of your food with Shachi on WhatsApp/Instagram.

5. Your diet plan will be curated based on your body's response to the diet.

6. For those who are interested, some exercises will be recommended as well.


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