About Zestapeep

What is Zestapeep? What does Zestapeep offer?
Zestapeep is a unique platform that connects diet, yoga, exercise, and wellness trainers with those who want to learn from these experts. Zestapeep helps customers find the best trainers. Zestapeep offers multiple classes/plans/sessions from various trainers on its platform. Customers can sign up for services as per their needs.


What is Ardouro Technologies?
Ardouro Technologies Private Limited is a company registered in India. Ardouro Technologies was co-founded by Ajit Pawar and Abhijeet Nagarnaik in Aug 2019. Zestapeep is the creation (product) of Ardouro Technologies.



Why should I pay to be healthy?
As the saying goes, health is wealth and while we always work to accumulate more wealth, often, we fail to focus on our health. What makes you succeed more in school, college or your job is a structured approach to problem-solving. Whether these are problems of learning or real-life problems from our daily jobs. Many of us fail to stay focused and motivated towards our health goals because we lack a structured approach. Zestapeep focuses on this exact problem and offers you a structured training/classes/plans to help you achieve your health goals.

Why should I Signup through Zestapeep?
An agreement is signed between Zestapeep and trainers to effectively protect customers. By signing up through Zestapeep, your bookings are protected.


What is the connection between Zestapeep & trainers?
Trainers are independent service providers. Zestapeep lists services by these trainers and helps them in marketing and customer management activities.


Can I get a trial class?
Each trainer has a different trial policy. Please check on the individual page for more details or directly reach us.



How to Sign Up and make a payment on Zestapeep?

You can Sign Up and make payment by clicking on the Sign Up button on the dedicated page of each offer. Zestapeep uses RazorPay as a payment gateway.

I have signed up and completed the payment. What next?
After completion of payment, you will receive receipt from Zestapeep. Withing 3 days of confirmation of payment, you will receive session details such as zoom link, trainer contact details, session plan as applicable.


My payment has failed. What should I do?
Any money deducted from your bank account for failed transaction will be refunded withing 5 working days. You can reach out to us in case of an issue.


Customer Care

How to reach Zestapeep?
You can connect with us through email (info@ardouro.com) and our social media handles. Quickest way to reach us is through Instagram DM. If you need to hear a human voice, please request for a phone number through DM.