How it works?💁

1. Signup for diet plan on this page.

2. Shachi will consult with you for all your details such as age, weight, existing medical conditions.

3. Healthy Indian recipes will be assigned to you.

4. You have to eat the recipes as recommended by Shachi and share the photos of your food with Shachi on WhatsApp/Instagram.

5. Your diet plan will be curated based on your body's response to the diet.

6. For those who are interested, some exercises will be recommended as well.

Online Diet Plan

Low Carb & Keto Diet
by Shachi Bhat

Every Individual is different. And so approach to healthy lifestyle also differs for everyone.

If dieting suits you the most, look no further for best diet plan for weightloss. 

What you get:
1. Personalized tailor cut nutrition specific for your body, age and medical conditions .

2. A detox plan once a week which acts as keto booster and reduces around 1 kg a day on the detox day .

3. Any recipe you want, if you are bored with same food.

4. You can discuss any recipe with Shachi that you are trying out.


5. Shachi will give you recipes for any particular vegetable.

6 . No special foods required. 

7 . Cheat meals (in a healthy way) for every success in journey.

8 . Progress tracking each week  .

9 . Feedback on your meals as you share your daily food photos with Shachi.

10. A special discount for 2nd and 3rd month if you show positive progress.

Communication Mode:
Chats/Live Session on WhatsApp


Daily reporting by customer. Weekly Review.

Rs. 1999/- Per Month


For queries, please DM us on Instagram.

Rs. 1999/- Per Month

"Shachi, I'd like to thank you for the role you have played in my transformation journey. You have blessed me with the best health & lifestyle. You always connect with me as a friend and never treat me like a client. I've never seen a fitness coach like you. You will be my friend for a lifetime."



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