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Exercises to tone down Back Pain

Back pain is a lingering problem for those working for an odd hours at the office, children going to school or mummies doing household chores at home. It can be really taxing to juggle between work and home, leading to the common problem of back pain. Back pain can be of two type’s lower and upper back pain. It occurs due to strain, tension or injury. Regular low-impact aerobic activities can increase strength and endurance in your back and improve muscle function. Abdominal and back muscle exercises (core-strengthening exercises) may help reduce symptoms by strengthening the muscles around your spine. Having to live up to the expectations both at home and at the workplace, back pain is the most common issue women complain of.

1. Bridges

This exercise helps to strengthen your glutens (butt) muscles and the back of the thigh (Hamstrings). If you do it correctly, the exercise will enhance your core stability by targeting your abdominal muscles and the muscles of lower back and hip. This exercise will further improve core and spinal stabilization.


  • Improves overall strength of the muscle

  • Aid in pain management

  • Improves posture

  • Stabilizes your spine

  • Tone and shape your butt

  • Give you a stronger back

  • Help in Lower Back Pain

Check the video below for the exercise on ‘Bridges’

2. Superman

This exercise is effective in maintaining an upright position, giving support to your spine and pelvic bones. In order to start seeing or feeling results, aim to do 3 sets 3 days a week for 6 weeks. For Beginners, to make this exercise less challenging you can hold the pose for less time. Slightest discomfort should be reported to the doctor.


  • Builds support and stability for the spine

  • Prevent and reduce back pain

  • One of the best for training the erector spinae muscles

  • Improves the good posture

  • Strengthens the posterior chain

  • Help avoid injury and pain.

Check the video below for the ‘Superman’ exercise

3. Lower back rotational stretches

This exercise helps to relieve tension in the lower back and trunk. It also gently works the core muscles to improve stability.


  • It relieves chronic lower back pain

  • Provides relief to overall bodily aches and pains

  • Restores ease and comfort in movement

  • Improves Overall Energy

  • Stretching reduces the likelihood of injury

  • Reduces stress

Check the video below for ‘Lower back rotational stretches’

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