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Healthy snacks during office hours

Having nutritious snacks in the evening can be unrealistic for a working professional. It may be a challenge to resort to healthy food choices at work. Amidst work pressure and meeting deadlines, having balanced and healthy snacks to boost your energy relegates to the backdrop. In most scenarios, it is far easier to reach out for fast food than prepare evening snacks. However, a healthy snack in the evening helps to suppress the mid-evening hunger pangs and does not allow a dip in the sugar levels for the insulin-resistant individuals.

When the meals taken through the day contain simple starch and sugars, there will be frequent hunger pangs whereas protein and fibre rich food can reduce hunger pangs between meals. Evening hunger pangs may be curtailed with a high protein snack or protein shakes. Sedentary professionals are at a greater health risk because they spent most of the day working on the desk. The lack of physical activity reduces the chances of burning calories. Hence, a working professional should opt for snacks low in calories and high in proteins to maintain a healthy weight and remain energetic and alert throughout the working hours.

Quick Suggestions for Healthy Snacks:

  • Roasted nuts: It is healthy and a non-perishable snack. It has a good balance of macronutrients. It is also a good source of healthy fat, protein fibre.

  • Seasonal fruits: Fruits are packed with nutrition while also being very low in calories. It is key to a healthy sedentary diet. Most fruits are high in fiber, which keeps you feeling full.

  • Moong sprouts seasoned with chaat masala : Sprouts is protein rich, has no fat or cholesterol. It is rich in Vitamin C, B and minerals (calcium &Iron). Sprouting provides higher concentration of enzymes that convert starch and protein already in their simpler forms. Thus, sprouts become easily digestible. Moong sprouts will be a perfect choice for cutting down weight. It is a complete meal in itself.

  • Vegetable sandwiches: It is Low-fat, calcium-rich, fibre-rich, source of vitamin C, folate and can satisfy your hunger pangs completely.

  • Soaked red rice flakes with coconut scrapings and cane sugar: It is filling, light on stomach. Red rice flakes is enriched with the goodness of antioxidants and magnesium, which helps in preventing and curing several diseases.

  • Protein biscuits: These biscuits are rich in protein with zero trans-fat. It contains 26 vital nutrients and the goodness of multigrain.

  • Popcorn: Popcorn is a nutritious and satisfying snack for work that’s high in fiber and low in calories. It contains antioxidants called polyphenols that may help protect against chronic conditions, such as heart disease

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