Pre-Natal Yoga


Prenatal Yoga is type of yoga done during pregnancy which helps a mother prepare for delivery.


Depending on the stage of pregnancy, different physical and breathing exercises are performed.



​Mothers should practice prenatal yoga as it:

  • Relives Stress.

  • Reduces swelling of legs.

  • Better blood circulation.

  • Prepares abdomen for delivery.

  • Increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth.

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Details of the Trainer

  • Arti is professionally certified Level 2 Yoga Teacher have an experience of teaching atleast 100+ students online and offline. Since January 2021, 10+ Prenatal Yoga Students had normal delivery and healthy baby.

  • She is Level 2 QCI certified Yoga Professional from India Yoga Association (IYA)".

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Introducing Pre-natal Yoga by Zestapeep

  • Launched in Feb 2021.

  • 100+ customers a month.

  • 10+ deliveries.

  • Live interaction sessions.

  • Individual attention by trainer.

  • Bi-monthly feedback.

How is it done?
Details of the session

  • 10min - Payer and Warm up.

  • 35min - Asana Practice.

  • 10min - Meditation / Pranayama

  • 5min - Yog Nidra / Shavasana

  • Different Asanas as per the month of the pregnancy

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Some Snapshots of Prenatal Yoga

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Current Batches

Mon | Wed | Fri

8:30am to 9:30am

Tue | Thu | Sat

8:30am to 9:30am

6:30pm to 7:30pm

Customer's Feedback

"Blessed with baby boy! Normal delivery! Your guidance helped a lot. Thank you so much for all your efforts with me. "
- Pooja

"Finally had a normal delivery. Blessed with a baby boy. Thank you for taking care like a family member. It was a beautiful journey and you made each day so easy with your ."
- Aditi

"Blessed with baby girl. Big big thanks and gratitude to you for being so patient and regular with me during yoga classes. Your hard work for me has paid off and I could manage normal delivery. Waiting to restart yoga with you."
- Neha

"The breathing techniques helped me so much with labor pain & my normal delivery process. I am so thankful toyou for all the teachings & guidance throughout my pregnancy journey."


"Thank you so much! I never thought I will have a quick recovery after C-section. I am able to walk, sit in the car without any support. The wonderful pain management things that you taught are helping me recover from postpartum.."


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1. How long is each Session?

    - 60min

2. Can I do Pre-natal Yoga for 5 days a week?

    - It is recommended to practice yoga 3 times a week during pregnancy.

3. Is the pre-natal yoga is specific to stages of pregnancy?

    - We recommend practice yoga from 2nd trimester i.e. 4th month till one day before delivery.

4. Will I get individual attention?

    - Yes, trainer Arti will be able to give individual attention as she can handle upto 20 people in each session.

5. Can I switch batches?

    - Yes, if you miss any batch you can attend any other batch that day.

6. Can I switch batches?

    - Yes, if you miss any batch you can attend any other batch that day.

7. Can I get refund?

    - Yes, ​​if you request before commencement of 1st session.