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Beginner's Yoga

  • 59 minutes
  • Online Class

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Yoga is a natural way of achieving peace & tranquility. Our daily lives which are burdened with hectic work schedules and chores at home need a balancing act. Yoga is that balancing act that has calming effect on the nervous system. It helps us relieve stress and tension and is an excellent way of improving our mental health and overall well-being. For Beginners: You have always desired to learn yoga but never found a right point to start, this is where you begin. You can learn all the basics of yoga with one of the best yoga trainer. For Intermediate: If you have been practicing yoga in past but haven't been able to continue, this is where you restart. A mix of basic plus advance poses will be given - to keep you hitched all the time. The lower monthly fees means you can continue for longer and hence stay healthy continuously. Solve your problems and practice Yoga everyday with Aradhana! Choose batch of your own preference.

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