"It was a great experience for me. The friendly nature and the asana according to somenone's body type. Thank you so much for the support & patience you showed. I Lost 15 kg and can move freely now after gall bladder removal I never think to be back in shape. "

- Arpana Agrawal


How it works💁

  1. Signup for Online Heal with Yoga Classes on this page.

  2. Swati will consult with you for all your details such as age, weight, existing medical conditions, etc.

  3. You will be added to a dedicated WhatsApp/Instagram group.

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One-on-One Yoga

By Swati

80 Customers Reviewed

Yoga offers people a complete mind-body workout, and is the perfect combination of strengthening and stretching poses with meditation. There would be hardly any workout plan as enduring as yoga. Regularly practicing yoga not only helps you get those toned muscles, but can also be the cure of several diseases. There would hardly be any disease yoga can't help in controlling. Join Individual yoga classes as per your convenience. Yoga can cure or control health issues like Back Pain, Thyroid, Asthma, Hypertension, Liver & Digestion Issues, Weight & Fat loss, Post Natal Recovery. Customise your class as you required. Individual class Gives you free space and confidence to start your new journey of yoga without hesitation as per your time comfort and convenience.

About Trainer:

Hi, I am Swati Mittal a certified Yoga trainer. Done with Diploma and Advance Diploma in Yoga & Science.  My heart belongs to yoga and want to cure people as many as I can through the knowledge & learning of yoga. As a kid I was an low immunity asthmatic kid and yoga heals me, changed my life entirely so as in return I want to help those who is suffering from any kind of health issue what gives a toll to your mind & body. I have experience of 4+ years in yoga training. Helps 90+ people to get rid of their pain and sufferings.

Customers Served : 96
Session Format : One-On-One Session
Customers Per Batch : 1
Session Length : 50 min

10min : Suksh Vyam (Joint Movements + Warm up)

20min : Aasana or Poses

10min : Pranayam or breathing exercise

10min : Udgit & Meditation

Sessions will be held on:






Batch/Session timing:

Timezone : IST




₹400 ₹300/- 1 Session

₹4500 ₹3500/- 12 Sessions Per Month

₹7000 ₹5000/- 20 Sessions Per Month