"I no longer suffer from neck and back pain by training with Tanya, my core has strengthened and issues recommended her to my family too"

- Shilpi


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Pilates by Tanya

By Tanya Raj

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Pilates is a whole body exercise that has numerous benefits, from injury prevention to improved flexibility to tonning up the body.

Pilates is a low impact exercise method that balances strength with mobility, aligns the body, fine-tunes movement patterns, and strengthens the deeper muscles of the core.

If you haven’t exercised in a long time or if you’re recovering from an illness or injury, the answer to this problem is Pilates session by Tanya Raj!

Benefits of Pilates :

  1. It increases core strength.

  2. It improves posture.

  3. It prevents injuries

  4. Decreases Stress and back pain.

  5. Helps to reduce menstrual pain.

  6. It improves flexibility and mobility.

  7. Boosts your immunity.

Solve your problems and practice Pilates with trainer Tanya! 

About Trainer:

I knocked out PCOS through Pilates, which led me to get certified in it. I have trained from the best in the country and have 2 years experience,i handle clients from Dubai,USA, Delhi.

Customers Served : 30
Session Format : Group Session
Customers Per Batch : 5
Session Length : 60 min

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Timezone : IST


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