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  • Starting with an introduction followed with customers journey, daily routine, medical conditions, medical updates checking of reports (if any)

  • Setting long term goals - how much weight loss or muscle gain, nutrition gain, etc

  • Setting smart habits [eg- start with cardio activity, start eating salad etc...]

  • Habit changing - how to achieve your goal

  • Setting up a Diet plan

  • Weekly followups for 1 month included

  • You can connect on WhatsApp message any day during the one month for small diet-related queries

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Slimfinity Diet

By Shubhangi Sharma

45 Customers Reviewed

For leading a healthy lifestyle it is very important to follow a good diet get proper nutrition. The diets that I provide are easy to follow and use common replacement foods that give the best results. I consult people with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets. Sometimes if you require some recipe help with new ingredients I do provide it. I cover all health, Diet, and nutrition-related topics along with coaching clients for weightloss & improving nutritional status. My philosophy is to eat simple and live simple.

About Trainer:

I am Shubhangi Sharma, I am a Dietitian by profession, managing all aspects of Diet planning, management, and therapeutic diets. I have consulted hundreds of clients for their diet and nutritional needs with really good results.
I am the founder of a green tea brand, Slimfinity which is 100% organic with a blend of traditional herbs, specialized in diabetic tea, BP, digestion and many more.

Customers Served : 45
Session Format : Private Session
Customers Per Batch : 1
Session Length : 60 min

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Batch/Session timing:

Timezone : IST


₹1099 ₹999/- Per Month