"The sessions are really good and this is my first week. I used to hit gym earlier but never used to sweat but in your sessions I am sweating like hell. The yoga session was superb. You are just great!"

- Rashni


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Toning & Flexibility Yoga

By Anisha

93 Customers Reviewed

In this 45 min session we will focus on specific parts of the body like shoulders, back, hips, balance and strength. I will also be providing general knowledge of body anatomy which will help in gaining flexibility and mobility in day to day activities along with tonning up body.

Your muscles become strengthened and more defined while holding yoga poses that require muscle strength, leading to a more toned look. Also Being flexible and able to move easily is an important aspect of your physical health. But stress, age, lack of exercise, and improper posture can cause your muscles to become tense and tight, which can limit your flexibility. Doing a regular routine of yoga poses is a highly effective way of easing tension in your muscles, building flexibility and toning up your body.

So join the specially curated Yoga for Toning and Flexibity batch which will help you to achieve your health goal!

About Trainer:

I am a certified fitness instructor and have been conducting physical and online classes since 2 years now. I am passionate about yoga as a lifestyle and working not just on our physical state but also on our mental and spiritual well being.

Customers Served : 80
Session Format : Group Session
Customers Per Batch : 15
Session Length : 45 min

10min : Breath Work + Warm Up

30min : Vinyasa/Power Flow

5min : Shavasana/Yoga Nidra

Sessions will be held on:






Batch/Session timing:

Timezone : IST

8:45 AM

₹1800 ₹1499/- Per Month

₹5400 ₹4249/- Republic Day Offer - 3 Months

₹10800 ₹8399/- Republic Day Offer - 6 Months