I really loved the whole experience. I understand it was difficult to do some exercises but I wanted to do it to keep myself active. End of every class I used to feel so light specially after yoga nithra. my whole body started feeling light and I lost almost 2 kgs so far. I liked the way she slowly builds our stamina without we realizing it. Thanks !

- Kavitha


How it works💁

  1. Signup for Online Fitness Classes on this page.

  2. Aradhana will consult with you for all your details such as age, weight, existing medical conditions.

  3. Link for live session will be shared with you.

  4. Attend live sessions with Inakshi & Aradhana's to achieve your health goals.

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Yoga & Pilates Combo

By Inakshi + Aradhana

68 Customers Reviewed

Have you ever wondered if you could do two types if fitness classes at once. Here is our combo class that offers the benefits of Pilates and Yoga together without losing any core essence since both the trainers are well experienced and have formulated this offering for enhanced well-being. 

Combined benefits include: 

1. Physical and Mental Stamina 

2. Flexibility, Balance and Meditation 

3. Joint mobility and Muscle toning 

4. Improve Body posture 

5. Release stress, relax and sleep better 

It's 5 days a week class - Monday to Friday (You can join any batch of the day.) 

Yoga - Monday & Wednesday - 6. 30 am, 7.30 am and 5.30 pm

Pilates - Tuesday & Thursday  -  8 am, 6.30 pm

Cardio - Friday - 7.30 am, 8 am

Session Plan: 

Yoga (60min) --> 5min - Prayer | 10min - Pranayam | 20min - Aasan abhyasa | 15min - Suryanamaskar | 10min - Yoga Nidra/Meditation 

Pilates (45min) --> 5min - Warmup exercises | 10min - Floor exercises | 25min - Total body workout | 5min - Cool down Exercises

For Weight-loss: Pilates + Yoga + Diet Chart Consultation and Diet chart will be provided for those who are looking for weight loss and weekly follow-up will be done. Your body measurements and BMI index will be calculated and your medical conditions will be taken into consideration for giving you a diet chart for your needs. To attain goal based weight loss clients must ensure that all the classes are done on regular basis and diet is followed. *Since this is not personal training approach weight loss cannot be guaranteed, it depends on clients sincerity towards exercise and adhering to the diet chart provided.

About Trainer:

"I'm practicing yoga for many years. I deal in weightloss yoga and stress management. I pay attention to all students in my class and explain all yoga poses correctly.." - Aradhana

"I'm a certified pilates trainer from Australia. I specialise in pilates for injury management, weight loss and total fitness. I have been teaching virtually since March 2020." - Inakshi

Customers Served : 100
Session Format : Group Session
Customers Per Batch : 10
Session Length : 45/60 min

Security on Campus Starts with You

Sessions will be held on:






Batch/Session timing:

Timezone : IST

Flexible Batch Time

₹3997 ₹3497/- Per Month (Yoga+Pilates)

₹4497 ₹3997/- Per Month (Yoga+Pilates+Diet Chart)