"I love how we start from basic and gradually increase the intensity of asanas. The way you push me to achieve better goals is what brings me back every time"

- Nitasha


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Yoga for PCOS & PCOD

By Malika

33 Customers Reviewed

This Yoga for PCOS & PCOD batch has Hatha yoga at its base. Hatha Yoga is a branch of yoga that typically comes to mind when you think of yoga in general terms. The practice involves breath, body, and mind. It will be an Beginner level yoga class.  We will start with Warm up and sun salutations, then we will cover standing asanas, and sitting Asanas Lastly, we will finish the class with some finishing Asanas. We will focus on some learning new asanas everyday and make the class exciting and challenging for everyone. This class would be ideal for weight lose and combat other health issues.  

Whatever is related to hormonal imbalances is covered in these sessions. 







In 60 mins sessions, we will cover:

Warm Up 

Sun Salutations 

Standing Asanas  

Sitting Asanas  

Finishing Asanas

Benefits Include

1. Yoga improves overall health, one can start seeing improvement in health.

2. One can start getting flexible and posture improves to a great extend

3. One can start building strength, improve fitness and lose weight

4. Yoga helps to balance harmonal levels

5. Yoga releases stress and fights anxiety/depression

6. Beginners Yoga Batch, gives you aim to improve yoga practice and go to advance level 

7. Enjoyment on the mat, makes one feel like a child and happy to perform different asanas

8. Relaxes body and mind through the correct way of breathing. Soothing effect on the mind is generally noticed.

9. Joining beginners batch is the step towards making healthy choices and living a healthy lifestyle.

10. One can notice improvement in sleep patterns and good digestive system.

About Trainer:

I am Malika Pahlajani, I am certified and experienced yoga teacher with 500Hours YTTC. I teach various forms of yoga and to fight different health issues. My Believe is to spread Happiness & fulfillment I have received from Yoga learnings and enable people to deepen their experience of life through this.

Customers Served : 30
Session Format : Group Session
Customers Per Batch : 12
Session Length : 60 min

15min : Warm up + Sun Salutations

20min : Standing Asanas

15min : Sitting Asanas

10min : Finishing Asanas

Sessions will be held on:






Batch/Session timing:

Timezone : IST


₹1700 ₹1500/- Per Month

₹2300 ₹2000/- One Month Yoga with Diet Chart