"Anisha, I'd like to thank you for the role you have played in my transformation journey. You have blessed me with the best health & lifestyle. You always connect with me as a friend and never treat me like a client. I've never seen a fitness coach like you. You will be my friend for a lifetime."

- Chetana


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Weightloss Yoga

Yoga for Weightloss Yoga Day

By Anisha

93 Customers Reviewed

Sitting at our desk day in day out for long working hours, the sedentary 'lifestyle' of metros , takes a toll on our body over a period of time. We always wish to get fitter and buy one size small dress in our next market visit. But the wishes remain just that - wishes. Not because we don't want to be fit, but just that we lack motivation and proper guidance. 

A body transformation doesn't stop at weight-loss. It involves muscle tonning, incresing strength, stamina and improving blood circulation so that your skin glows. Weight-loss needs a significant focus on ensuring that calorie intake is less than calories burned everyday. So the best way go from Average to Awesome is to go through a structured plan for complete body transformation. 

So join the specially curated Yoga for Weight-loss batch which will help you ensure that you are burning more calories than you consume everyday. 

Everyday there is a different session so that your body gets toning all around.

Monday:  Legs and core

Tuesday:  Power Yoga

Wedensday:  Upper Body and Core

Thursday: Functional/Agility training

Friday: Vinyasa

About Trainer:
Customers Served : 71
Session Format : Group Session
Customers Per Batch : 15
Session Length : 60 min

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Timezone : IST

07:30 AM

07:30 PM

₹2500 ₹1800/- Per Month