"I have been a gym rat for over 20 years and started doing Yoga with Suchitra over a year ago. While initially these classes were once a week post the lockdown & it's been upped to 3 times a week. In addition to increasing the frequency there has also been an increase in the intensity and the results are clear to see for both physical mobility and also mental focus. Her mix of practice which includes: "active movement", "balancing postures", "breathing exercises" and "stretches" is an amazing way to spend an hour. It is unlikely based on how well these sessions are structured that one would consider going back into a gym for body building or even for fitness."



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Yoga With Suchitra

By Suchitra

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These yoga sessions will be an enriching experience for students.  I'm going to cover focus on following points:

  • Developing Safe and effective exercise programs for class numbers  

  • Explaining different yoga styles and poses to students. 

  • Cultivating relationships with  participants by interacting with the group during fitness class.

  • Maintaining Positive relationships with class members through personalized and knowledgeable service. 

  • Adhering to all facility rules for safety compliance and continuing education 

  • Motivating clients to achieve their personal fitness goals through developing and modifying routines. 

  • Informing clients about nutrition , lifestyle issues and weight control.

About Trainer:
  • Diploma in Yoga  - 200 hours certification in power yoga , meditation and Pranayama 

  • Certification in Reiki  - Specialization  in prenatal and postnatal yoga from Rishikesh School of Yoga 

  • Worked at The Palms for two years  - Self - Studio , taking group and personal classes  

  • Worked for 1 year at Bikram Yoga Studio (gurugram)

Customers Served : 100
Session Format : Group Session
Customers Per Batch : 10
Session Length : 60 min

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Batch/Session timing:

Timezone : IST



Pre & Post natal

₹1199 ₹799/- Per Week

₹4199/- Per Month