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Zestapeep is unique social platform where you can be vocal about your health. Share your diet plans, workout routines or blogs on each step of your health journey. 

Create and accept challenges so you & your friends can stay fit together. Meet new like minded people and get motivated to achieve your health goals. 


How to use Zestapeep App to stay motivated and achieve your health goals?

1. Install the App

2. Sign Up with email ID/Facebook

3. Spend 30mins everyday on the app, Engage with the community by firing up the posts, commenting and following up more people

4. Accept simple challenges on diet, exercise and wellness

5. Complete the challenge and share your progress on Zestapeep App

6. Repeat the step 3 to step 5 everyday for two weeks

7. You will develop a routine that will motivate you and help you achieve your health goals 

8. Any time you feel demotivated, share your problems on Zestapeep community. People will talk to you so that you will get back to your routine right away

9. Have questions on diet, exercise and wellness?

Reach out to the experts on the platform with verified profile



Create challenges on diet, exercise and wellness. Challenge your friends and followers to complete range of diet, exercise and wellness activities.


Search your friends and follow them their health journey on Zestapeep. Explore our community from all across the world to find new posts and challenges on diet, exercise and wellness.



Set up your profile photo, add your unique username and update your bio. Record your health journey and find challenges you're tagged in!


Create and find best recipes. Healthy & Tasty.
Food that, looks good, smells good and tastes great


Zestapeep is creation of Ardouro Technologies Private Limited.


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